The Lost Locket

The Mysterious Gold Medal The Lost Locket, Virginia Griesse's second "Now and Then story" is now available.
The book written especially for 8-12 year olds is a story set in two different time periods brought together through a beautiful engraved gold locket. Maggie and her pioneer family settle a claim in Nebraska territory near other homesteads which become the town of Yorktown. Nearly one hundred years later Sandy finds a gold locket, engraved MRM, in a deserted farmhouse outside of Yorktown. The reader is taken into both worlds with the young girls as Maggie adjusts to her new life on the prairie and Sandy begins a quest to find who this mysterious MRM can be. Each girl shows the characteristics of perseverance, hope, and trust in the Lord as her story unfolds.
The book sells for $7.00. You can order the book from us by "snail mail," email or phone.
You can also order the book, paperback or Kindle, on Amazon
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